NYBP BREW V3 – Very Interesting Fun Facts on the theming of NYBP Orlando

Read to find out where Brewing and History meet to create something very special!

The original Brewery, in Lockport NY takes its name, logo, and inspiration from New York City with chandeliers from Grand Central Terminal, and Manhattan subway signs gracing its new warehouse walls built to look old- with 8,500 reclaimed bricks.

It’s simplicity, history, and warmth works well with the wonderful community, and it’s a great place to gather, and celebrate – whatever – waking up that day, a graduation or birthday, a corporate milestone, or finding one more K cup this morning when you feared you were out.

NYBP’s new beautiful location in the Winter Garden west suburb of Orlando will be similar, but has a very different and truly unique personality. Inspired by the stories of New York’s rich Brewing past, the Victor Beer Hall explores living history at the turn of the century. Designed to recreate the most famous Beer Hall in NYC circa 1870 known as The Atlantic Garden, this beautiful spot features soaring 35 foot ceilings, complete with two giant 20 foot Chestnut trees that were staples of every Beer Garden in Europe.

The focus is on food and beer flights, in addition to fresh ales and lagers, and dishes that celebrate the era when times were gloriously simple.

But why take so much time to recreate something like this glorious historic Beer Hall? Because it’s so rich and vibrant and so damn interesting!

 As you can see by the map below of lower Manhattan circa 1845-1885, there were several places one could imbibe on every city block- sometimes as many as 18, where one could typically have a lager or shot (or both) at one, and move on to the next.

Now the dots on the above map varied in terms of accommodation, and gentility.  Some were underneath housing tenements known as cellar bars.  These weren’t "fancy like".

NYC Cellar Bar

The earliest Bowery dives had no glasses, only barrels of booze connected to rubber tubes. For three cents you were allowed to drink till you ran out of breath. (Seriously)

Then, there was the step up from these fun spots, called the saloon.

These classy establishments actually had tables and chairs! It was a space for men to speak in their languages, discuss available jobs and talk about news from their families back home.

But notice the word men.  Both these places only allowed men to enter, until…

German beer pioneers such as Mr. Pabst, and Mr. Miller (ever heard of Miller High Life and PBR?) who missed their serene and beautiful biergartens in Munich, built them up in cities where they settled in the US. The biggest and most beautiful being the Atlantic Garden on The Bowery between Broome and Delancy Street. 

It was a gorgeous place for man, woman, child, young and old to gather and celebrate every day, and drink low ABV beer, which was safer to drink at that time than water, due to lack of water treatment facilities.  Beer had to be boiled, and was absent from bacteria.

According to Matthew Hale Smith who wrote in 1867:

 “Every day and all day on Sunday the Atlantic Gardens is filled. People are coming and going all the while. The rooms are tastefully fitted up. 

They come, husband and wife, with all the children, brothers and sisters, cousins and neighbors; nor are the old folks omitted. A welcome is extended to every comer. The long bar, immense in extent, tells the story. Here the landlord, his wife, and may be his daughters, with numerous waiters, furnish the lager beer which sustains the establishment . The quantity sold in a day is enormous, as well as the good food and well salted pretzels that are consumed with the beer. A four-horse team from the brewery, drawing the favorite beverage, finds it difficult to keep up the supply. “  

Well, Florida Beer Community, this is what we set out to do – create a comfortable welcoming, beautiful place to enjoy good beer, good food and good times. (and all of the above including the well salted pretzels, but we probably won’t have the four horse team, but who knows?)  VERY exciting things will be happening over the next two weeks, and we’ll keep you in the know.

Until we talk again NYBP community – Cheers!

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