Hi! Here at New York Beer Project, we’ve been waiting so long to tell you who we are and what you can expect in the coming months @NYBP.  We know a lot of you have been watching this big Brewery grow up before your eyes, so we thought we’d give you a “behind the scenes” look at what you can expect as you walk through those three big front doors (or the secret “VIP” entrance we’ll talk about later).

First of all – “Why New York Beer Project in Florida?” The answer is “Why not New York Beer Project in Florida?”  New York City is recognized by the world as a fast-paced city that never sleeps – a culinary and artistic mecca for a multi-generational, culturally diverse and curious audience.  Midtown Manhattan is over one thousand miles and a 17+ hour drive from Seidel Road, and MCO is a 2 ½ hour plane ride to JFK – non-stop, not counting security or the annoying baggage claim.  

Now - we’re all busy, and there’s still that mask thing on planes, so we thought we’d bring the city to you in the glorious form of a huge Beer Garden that actually existed in the lower part of Manhattan in the 1890’s.  Now, as you watch the progress, know that you’re watching brewing history come to life as we re-create this famous, larger than life Bowery Beer Hall from the ground up.  Many fun facts about this coming up in future BREWs. (Beer Report Each Week.)

Here at NYBP, we realize that we are located in a very popular tourist area, and we embrace that fact, (mainly because we love to visit all the wonderful Kingdoms, Studios, Worlds, etc.).  However, after exploring many Central Florida locations, we fell in love with the Horizon West area because of the community and the families that live there.  That’s what we always wanted to be – a gathering spot where everyone could gather & chill and enjoy a pint of beer, just like in the old days.

In future BREWs we’ll let you know what flagship beers and seasonal craft we’ll be tapping in the starting lineup at the Grand Opening, and who the Head Brewer is, creating all that delicious Craft!  We’ll also share what New York-themed dishes will be on the NYBP menu, and explain why on earth there is not one, but TWO giant Chestnut trees in the middle of the Florida gastropub!

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Until we talk again, NYBP Community. Cheers!

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