A huge Cheers to all our Beer friends out there! We’re having the time of our lives meeting a lot of you as we travel around Winter Garden, and the Orlando environs. You’ve got a great community of some very friendly genuine people, but you already knew that. I don’t really fancy the I-4, but that’s a “me” problem.

The question we get asked 100% of the time is “When will you open?” I know it’s been a long wait, but the good GREAT news is: drum roll please…… We’ll OFICIALLY be open next month! I know the wait has been long, but I can absolutely promise you – it’ll be worth it. The inside is looking absolutely amazing! Here’s a sneak peek.

Our talented new team of new 12 NYBP Orlando Managers have been up in New York, toggling back and forth between our two locations – learning the behind the scenes, and everything to ensure you have a wonderful time EVERYTIME you visit NYBP. We’ll talk about the food in a following BREW, but in talking with the new Managers, it appears that some of you guys honestly don’t know what a Beef on Weck is. Really? 

You’re in for a REAL treat, and yes to the second most asked question – we will have Buffalo wings, but WITH BLUE CHEESE!!!! No self-respecting Buffalonian would get ranch anywhere close to his hot wings (but we’ll have some ranch on hand in case you can’t let it go.) 

So you’re all in for some Good Beer, Good Food and Good Times next month. 

BEER!!! Holy Malt and barley, I almost forgot the very exciting reason I needed to give all you insiders the scoop. We have the opening New York Beer Project Tap line-up!!!! I can’t give you the entire list, even though it’s right in front of me. It’s called creating hype. But I can give you a couple of spoiler alerts for the delish cold Craft that will be flowing from the new beautiful taps on Opening night! 

You’ll be glad to know we’ll be opening with our top selling flagship Destination IPA – a true intense – in your face- New York style IPA with an insane aroma, and big juicy flavor.

We follow with Cerveza – our vacation style Mexican lager that’s perfect for any occasion – mowing the turf, relaxing at the pool, drinking in the shower, or sitting at our amazing Taproom or gastropub bar pairing it with our NYBP Cantina menu items! 

There’s more impressive fav’s, such as Buckleberry Wheat, Walter’s Jelly Donut, and a new stout brewed exclusively for this location. More on a huge naming rights competition for this beer coming soon, so be sure to watch for that.

We’re hiring the entire team of New York Beer Project storytellers (servers + bartenders), creative culinary geniuses (line and prep cooks), our heart and soul (aqua tech crew, cleaning teams), and our NYBP VIP’s (hosts, food runners, and barbacks.) All of our fam enjoy great pay, team outings, a chance to make a difference in this amazing community, and an incredible working experience, and did we mention employee discounts, and the chance to advance with this fast growing company? If you know anyone who fits the bill, please feel free to share.

Dates and Location: October 13, 14, and 15 10:30 – 1:00 and 3pm – 7pm @ Townesuites at Flamingo Crossing, Winter Garden Florida. Please use front entrance and sign in with our CEO (Cool Events Organizer.)

Keep watching, because now that Opening day is sooooo close, we’ll share all the good stuff you need to know to be ready to enjoy all the Good Beer, Good food and Good times at Central Florida’s newest Destination Brewery.

Until we talk again NYBP community – Cheers!

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